Partnering For Success

A web design agency was invited to competitively pitch a new website business being launched by a large Financial Services Company. The web designer’s practice is successful and growing, and is known for its innovative digital campaigns. Competitors were well-known design firms already working for the Financial Services client.

The agency invited Grossman Consulting to join the team for this account. Our objective was to incorporate evidence-based results into the assignment so that the best-performing site would be chosen.

Web Design With Insight

We instituted a series of Stakeholder Interviews and Ideation Sessions with the C-Suite of decision-makers regarding their potential website business. Their feedback and brand equity stories became fuel for what the team utilized to create website alternatives for testing.

Grossman Consulting then conducted quantitative online Concept Testing of three web executions. The winner had to demonstrate the highest level of click-throughs. There was such a winning site; however, another test execution proved to have more compelling graphics.

One Plus One = Three

The live site running now contains a combination of elements uncovered by research: Graphics that are known to capture attention, combined with messaging that works. And, Grossman Consulting has gone on to partner with the same web design team for a multitude of assignments with other companies.