Break Through the Performance Plateau

A Financial Planner worked at a well-known securities firm, which conducted a segmentation of the types of employees working in the company:

  • Directors … Leaders

  • Thinkers … Detail-Oriented People

  • Relaters … Soothers

  • Socializers … Gregarious Types

My client was a hybrid: Socializer / Relater and was charged with developing business for the company. Once the lead is generated, a full-service team comes on board and, including her, manages the account.

Client was satisfied with her own performance but was eager to increase her conversion rate of lead-to-active accounts. She tasked Grossman Consulting with determining how to up her game.

Grossman Consulting = Added Value

We conducted an in-depth Brand Identification Profile to learn about perceptions of our Client.

In-depth interviews with:

  • A person who had recently signed up to do business with our Client;

  • A long-term account of the Client;

  • An account service person on the Client’s team;

  • A person who had been pitched by our Client but decided to go with another firm;

  • The Client herself.

The View From 30,000 Feet

We uncovered and confirmed many valuable insights that contributed to the Client’s Brand ID. The transformative ones were those that presented an opportunity, and the factors that needed addressing:

  • Her compassion and deep commitment to each client’s account;

  • Her ability to provide financial services to clients based on individual needs;

  • Her flexibility to change portfolio components as client lifestyles or work events change.

Need Addressing

  • Other firms had Business Development people more well-known, due to speaking engagements and / or media coverage;

  • Other Business Development types have a better web presence, either for themselves or for their firm;

  • Our Client’s communications and message are perceived to be one-dimensional compared to competitive pitches. 

The Transformation Plan

These insights were used to devise a Brand Identity makeover for the Client:

  • Strategy developed to amp up:

    • Greater exposure

    • More dynamic messaging

    • Bolder website

  • Results would be achieved by using traditional tried-and-true methods:

    • Industry conferences

    • Association luncheons / dinners / outings

    • Golf & other sports events / sponsorships

    • Write articles / white papers

  • Additional tools of the current marketplace to be utilized:

    • Social media

    • Webinars

    • A more dynamic website


The Client’s book of business increased 5% vs. a year ago. Her team is referring more leads to her. She is gaining recognition from industry peers.