Grossman Consulting

[fade]Grossman Consulting was founded more than 14 years ago on the principle that the small businesses of the world should have access to the same kinds of tools and information that multinational corporations have at their fingertips on a daily basis. Using specialized skills and methods honed at some of the world's top research firms, Grossman Consulting helps clients transform their relationships with their clientele — not only by knowing more about them, but by obtaining key insights that underlie their purchase decisions. Equipped with this powerful knowledge, any entrepreneur or small business owner can significantly increase their margins and create loyal customers for life.[/fade]

Aaron Grossman

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[fade]With 40+ years in marketing research & strategic consulting, Aaron has come to believe deeply in the transformative power that information & insights can bring to the boardroom.

His career specialization in branding and innovation has contributed to a portfolio that includes assignments ranging from strategic marketing assessments to testing impressions of digital campaigns and imagery-driven brands. Aaron enjoyed tenures at Grey Advertising and JWT, as well as a 12-year Partnership at Newman-Stein. These have afforded him a wide berth of involvement in diverse arenas: Graphic design, packaging, corporate identity, and all formats of web-related content.

He’s enjoyed long-term relationships with clients in key business sectors, including Eastman-Kodak, Pfizer, American Express, AT&T, JP Morgan Chase, Kraft Foods, and Seagram. 

More recently, his practice has evolved into a specialty of consulting with start-up companies and small businesses. In that capacity, Aaron also provides written content for branded websites, profiles, blogs, and social media.

He is active in both the marketing and research communities, having served on the NYAMA’s Board of Directors for eight years and as that organization’s President. Aaron is proud of his role in helping to create the Effie Awards and the Marketing Hall of Fame, as well as helping GreenBook become a mini-industry. In addition, he’s proud of the leadership role he played in ARF’s Market Research Vision Team. Aaron is an elected member of the Market Research Council and is an Academy voting member of NYAMA’s Hall of Fame Selection Committee. He is honored to serve on the Advisory Board of the Global Leadership Coalition.

Active in business networking, Aaron was Membership Committee Co-Chair at his BNI chapter for several years; he is also a graduate of the Power Partners Initiative training. 

Aaron earned his BA in Psychology at Stony Brook and did his graduate work at NYU’s Stern School of Business.[/fade]

[fade]In interacting with Aaron Grossman, I have known him as a leader who is dependable, resourceful, approachable, a generous listener, and a superb networker who has connected us to many entities that have helped advance our work. We are fortunate to have him as a Global Leadership Coalition board member.
— Mary Symmonds | Executive Director, Global Leadership Coalition[/fade]